Zabrina Shortt’s day job, The Phoenix, 11/01/2019

The activities of Irish scientologists made headlines just before Christmas after a Prime Time special revealed the church had just 87 Irish members,according to the last census. One of the lucky 87 is Goldhawk’s old pal Zabrina Shortt – aka Zabrina Collins – who is having a rough start to 2019.

An insolvent chiropractic clinic, previously operated by Shortt, held a creditors meeting late last month. Castlebar accountant John Mellett was named provisional liquidator to the Parnell Square-registered Abbey Chiropractic and Wellness Centre Ltd, co-owned by Shortt and hubby Ger Collins, a top-ranking scientologist in Ireland.

Shortt is listed as the sole director of the company. Listed as company secretary is one Anita Kelly, former director the controversial Scientology community centre in Firhouse, Dublin 24.

Fans of Goldhawk will recall that Shortt is the daughter of Donegal nightclub owner Frank Shortt, who was famously wrongly convicted of allowing drugs to be sold in his boozer (see The Phoenix, 13/2/15). She has acted as the Scientology’s Irish “ethics officer”, and was later promoted to the “office of special affairs”, a role that involved her dealing with church critics.

Shortt will be familiar for her various legal scrapes with the likes of Pete Griffiths, a former scientologist-turned-critic of the movement. In 2016, Shortt was ordered to pay €5,000 damages to Griffiths after she sent a naked photo of him to the principal of a school in Artane, where he had given a talk on Scientology. Judge James O’Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court said that allegations by her against Griffiths of criminal activity, hate-mongering and links to gay pornographic movies of teenage boys “were largely untrue and grossly defamatory”.

Shortt will have more time on her hands to dedicate to religious activities with the liquidation of her Dublin clinic. The firm had accumulated losses of a little over €80,000 at the end of 2017 and creditors, including the Revenue, were owed a total of around €90,000. The most recent set of accounts, filed last September, note that Shortt had “rationalised” her business in order to reduce costs.

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