Various notes on the Irish Times piece

Some random factoids based on the Irish Times piece.


With this image from ‘The Scientology Handbook’:

Wonder where Mr. Ryan took his pose inspiration from?

During the article John McGee notes “The e-meter works like a crude lie detector. They can tell if you’re holding anything in, and they can get it out of you.” This is something that Hubbard himself notes in HCOB 3rd February 1960 titled ‘Security Check’:

And one small correction to the article. Bubbly ex is bubbly and intense ex is intense, but burly ex insists he is not burly.



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  1. I can beat you in a glare fight!

    I have practiced hard with many seconds of training sparring against sally:

    Stare Down Sally

    Sadly, you absolutely hammer me in a glare fight. Maybe that should be added to the EP of the TRs&Objectives – ability to win stare contests.

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