The Advanced Ability Center

Note: FreeZone is a term used to describe people who practice Scientology outside of the Scientology organisation proper. FreeZone groups are termed ‘squirrels’ by the Scientology organisation and are considered enemies of the organisation.


A person may leave Scientology, but sometimes Scientology doesn’t leave the person. This is an interesting pro-FreeZone documentary that looks at the Advanced Ability Center, which was founded by David Mayo in 1983. Everyone attending the Advanced Ability Centereither left the Scientology organisation of were declared ‘suppressive’ and booted out. The AAC was their means of getting their ‘Scientology fix’. It is worth noting the sheer amount of Scientology-related terms that are part of normal speech for the participants in this documentary.

The Advanced Ability Center was closed in 1984 after legal harassment from the Scientology organisation. Freedom of religion doesn’t apply to squirrels, apparently.


Click here to download the Journal of the Advanced Ability Center (700Kb PDF). It features brief bios of some of the participants in the documentary.