Sharone Stainforth

Sharone was about 6 years old when her parents got involved with Scientology. Her father Michael worked as the regstrar at Saint Hill Manor near East Grinstead, the head office of the Scientology organisation in the UK. As a 10-year old girl she signed a billion year contract to join the Sea Organization in 1967 on board their ship the Royal Scot Man (later the Apollo).

She was one of the original Commodore’s Messengers, working solely under L. Ron Hubbard, where she bathed his feet and dressed him. Her father left the ship in 1969, leaving Sharone alone to work on the ship at the age of 11. An order was issued at the time that she be thrown overboard the ship for not pulling her weight. She escaped this by secretly destroying the ethics chit. She credits the Anonymous protests for giving her the courage to speak out.

Exposing Scientology's fraud and abuse in Dublin