Scientology, Tom Cruise, and…Your Business? – Leman Solicitors

Two weeks ago, a new Scientology centre was opened in Firhouse in Dublin, with reports of facilities including a conference centre capable of seating 1,100 people.

Now, I bring you a valuable business lesson you can (and should) learn from the Scientologists.

Because, you see, those Scientologists know the importance of trademarks. So much so, that ahead of the opening of their Firhouse Scientology Centre, they filed 21 new Irish trademark applications for Scientology related terms, courses, and models of education (I’m assuming, based on the trademark applications).

And that’s just the tip of the Scientology trademark iceberg (so to speak). The ‘Religious Technology Centre’ actually has over 2,000 trademark applications filed around the world.

It’s not clear if you have to be a Scientologist to work for the organisation, but I’m hawking for the business anyway. Trademarks, the Bridge To Total Freedom (TM).

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