John Sweeney

John Sweeney is an award winning investigative journalist.

John has written seven books, six non-fiction, including “Church Of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology” in 2013.

One of Sweeney’s most in depth investigations has been into The Church of Scientology, through 2007’s “Scientology and Me” documentary and its follow-up 2010 ‘s “The Secrets of Scientology”.

He has also helped free seven people falsely accused of killing their babies, and reported on wars, revolutions and trouble in 80 countries. His website is

2 thoughts on “John Sweeney”

  1. Hey John,

    Wish SO much I could have been there! Unfortunately, I can’t…but just
    wanted to tell you “hi” and tell you how much I love all that you’ve done :)

    Thank you!

    Your friend,


  2. PS: You’ve got to be dancing and singing
    thanks to these fabulous Documentaries coming out…

    Not to mention $cientology’s great reaction to Alex’s.
    As with you, and Anonymous and all other critics, had they just
    left each alone…they would have died quickly.

    But as I told them when I was “in”: YOU are C R E A T I N G
    Your own enemies.
    They continue to do this, today.

    Love to you :)


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