John Duignan

“Walking down a street in Stuttgart I never imagined I’d lose the next 22 years of my life” says John. While in the Sea Organisation he worked 16-hours days for between £5 and £15 a week. At 42 he feels he should have been married with children and a career. Instead he was “a ghost” with no money, no qualifications or transferrable skills, no state entitlements and no way of relating to “wogs” (non-Scientologists).

After leaving the organisation John described himself as being “hopelessly suicidal”. Four years on he says intensive counselling and the ability to attend college as a mature student have helped him rebuild his life. John wrote the book “The Complex”, in which he describes his two decades within the organisation.


The Complex, An insider exposes the covert world of the Church of Scientology

By John Duignan

For the first time ever, a former high-ranking member of the Church of Scientology is lifting the lid on life inside the worlds fastest growing cult. The Complex reveals the true story behind the religion that has ensnared a who’s who list of celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, and convinced thousands of ordinary people to join up.

Duignan describes how two years ago he staged a dramatic escape from the elite paramilitary group at the core of the Church, the Sea Organisation, and how he narrowly evaded pursuit by Scientologists from the Office of Special Affairs. He looks back on the 22 years he served in the Church s secret army and describes the hours of sleep deprivation, brain-washing and intense auditing or religious counselling he endured, as he was moulded into a soldier of Scientology. He talks about the money-making-machine at the heart of the Church, the Scientology goal to Clear the Planet and Get Ethics In , the training programmes, the Rehabilitation Project Force and the punishments meted out to anyone who transgresses, including children. We follow his journey through the Church and the painful investigation that leads to his eventual realisation that there is something very wrong at Scientology s core.

The beliefs of the Church of Scientology might sound like something from a science fiction book but The Complex reveals that the Church s growing power base is a shocking reality.

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Exposing Scientology's fraud and abuse in Dublin