Human Rights Activists Celebrate 2009’s Many Wins Against Scientology Cult

As 2009 comes to a close, the Scientology organization is reeling from another year of high-level defections, criminal convictions, journalistic exposes and books detailing the cult’s criminal practices, and intense pressure from human rights activists. The Anonymous global network of human rights activists are keen to hold Scientology’s leaders accountable for their crimes, which include organized fraud, human trafficking, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and toxic waste dumping.

Here are just a few of the many recent victories against the Scientology organization, which until quite recently believed itself immune to all criticism, able to do as it pleased in its insane quest to “clear the planet” of non-Scientologists through the “global obliteration of psychiatry.”

* Monthly and flash protests continue at Scientology offices worldwide: The Anonymous activists continued their monthly protests for a second solid year. These and frequent “flash” spontaneous protests at Scientology buildings continued to shine a spotlight on the crime-cult’s activities.
* Numerous major lawsuits were filed against Scientology, for causes ranging from wrongful death to human trafficking. All of these lawsuits are presently going forward in ways that are favorable to the plaintiff in each case (i.e. Scientology’s motions are generally denied and the plaintiff’s motions are generally granted).
* The St. Petersburg Times published a major series of articles detailing the violent outbursts of Scientology’s leader David Miscavige, as well as Scientology management’s general criminality and abusive behavior. This series can be read at
* California’s KESQ television and reporter Nathan Baca brought an excellent investigation of the human rights and other abuses taking place at Scientology’s “Gold Base” desert compound. At Gold Base, a paramilitary cadre of Scientologists called the “Sea Org” work 100-hour weeks for less than $50 per week, live in filthy, crowded barracks, and are watched carefully to prevent escape. Indeed, the fence around Gold Base features razor-sharp spikes pointing inward to prevent escape. Also, in an interview with hapless Scientology spokesmodel Tommy Davis, reporter Baca led Davis into admitting that an evil galactic dictator from 75 million years ago, “Lord Xenu,” was an integral component of Scientology “scripture.
* Australia’s Nine News television program also featured quite a lot of hard-hitting Scientology coverage, as did the Nightline program in the USA. In the latter program, hosted by journalist Martin Bashir, Tommy Davis fled the set in a bizarre tantrum as Bashir asked for clarity about the Xenu question.
* Two main branches of Scientology in France were convicted of organized fraud, and sentenced to pay fines of over 600,000 (