Gabrielle Wynne

Gabrielle had walked into the Dublin Scientology centre as part of a school project, and within months she was working on staff. For all her time cold-calling, auditing others, answering phone as Dianetics (staff were instructed not to mention Scientology) and pushing flyers through letter boxes she was rewarded with a €2 coin.

While in the organisation she received coaching on how to handle her friends and family. The final straw came when she was being pressured to take out a loan for a €3,000 course. Her ethics officer supposed that her mother might be the suppressive influence that was holding her back. She left soon after and, in hindsight, continues to wonder how she missed all the warning signs.


The YouTube account of a Dublin ex-Scientologist who recently left. She tells of her time inside and how it drew her in. She promises not to become the Irish equivalent of Magoo.

Gabrielle shares her experiences on her YouTube channel:

Exposing Scientology's fraud and abuse in Dublin