Gerry Armstrong

Gerry was the former personal secretary to L. Ron Hubbard. While in this role he was tasked with assembling materials needed for producing a biography for Hubbard. Reading these documents, and particularly given the large discrepancy between what these documents showed and what Hubbard had claimed regarding his life, allowed Gerry to, in his own words, “deprogram himself”.

Hubbard had lied about his educational record (including being a nuclear physicist), he had lied about being wounded in battle, he had lied about his war record and the medals he had won, he had lied about his family and his wives, he had lied about explorations he had claimed to have performed, etc. In Gerry’s own words – “it was clear from these documents that Hubbard was a pathological liar”. Gerry is considered an enemy by the cult.


Gerry on ‘The Orla Barry Show’ in 2005

Gerry’s Youtube channel

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    This actually happens to SPs!!! This is an SP impersoning a victim as a way to trow down the “scape gate” called Scientology, from this “prison planet” called “Earth”.

    This is an SP. Cant he see that the Tech does word on others? He cannot SEE, so instead of looking for “what happens to me?” or “how can I make this thing work for me?” he simply generalizes all and says “scientology doesn’t work”. That is a truly SP conduct. And the “victim manner” is the other proof.

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