Complexing the libraries

Do you work for a library? Would you like a copy of John Duignan’s ‘The Complex’, where John describes his two decades within the cult?

If the answer to the above is yes let us know and we’ll get you some copies. We will try to accommodate any library – even those located outside of Ireland. Please keep an eye out as Scientology has a history of stealing books critical of Scientology from libraries. If this happens let us know and we’ll send free replacements.


One thought on “Complexing the libraries”

  1. let me have a copy. If will help me to see the true flaws of this cult the send one to me. THY NEED TO GET OUT. THEY COME FOR THE REMAINS OF OUR MONEY, OUR LIVELY HOOD. i say YOU WILL TAKE IT FROM OUR DEAD HANDS. thanks

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