Irish Independent
Saturday 9 June 2012

Pete Griffiths
Former Scientologist

A Dublin conference to get Irish people to leave the Church of Scientology was launched this week by former Scientologist Pete Griffiths. So, surprised that the Catholic Church is not the only religious organisation feeling the heat, we spoke in tongues about talking snakes, alien overlords and Adolf Hitler.

So, Tom Cruise and John Travolta have gotten it all horribly wrong?

I am saying that I think Tom Cruise and John Travolta are victims just like all other members of Scientology.

But how the hell do you dupe two Hollywood heavyweights?

Well, Tom Cruise claims Scientology ‘technology’ solved his dyslexia.

And how did Mr Saturday Night Fever see the light?

Travolta says it helped him become a star, but the fact is he was well on his may to becoming famous before being introduced to Scientology.

Now, granted, Sdentologists strike me as a bit honkers, but why are you crusading against them?

I have a personal stake as I was a Scientologist for seven years and I did get people to join. I hope they have come to the conclusion it is a cult and have left, because I have a lot of guilt about convincing them to join.

Well, when it comes to guilt you are in the right country…

I’ve been labelled as a ‘suppressive person’ by the church.

Yikes, that’s how they describe Adolf Hitler! You must have upset them quite a lot.

I have an event organised in Dublin on June 30 called Speaking Out Against the Scientology Cult.

Yup, that would do it alright. But how many Irish people are Scientologists?
It is very difficult to say. They claim 500 since they started their Dublin mission 20 years ago, but it is more likely fewer than 50, which isn’t great.

So Scientologists believe in an alien galactic ruler named Xemu. But Jews and Christians believe in talking snakes and Muslims believe in flying horses. All pretty crazy stuff if you ask me.
Ron Hubbard, the founder, was a science fiction writer so you can take something from that.

Do you think with our loss of faith in the church, the Government and the economy we could be more susceptible to a little Scientology?

Yes. But finding religion is not necessarily a bad thing if people get help. But the problem with Scientology is that once you start they don’t want you to stop.

A little like Pringles, then — once you pop you just can’t stop.

Look, I know it is hard out there for people at the moment and that people are looking for answers but Scientology is just not the way to go.

I wish someone had warned the country the same about Enda “I love Angela” Kenny…