Gerry Armstrong speaking at Dublin Offlines

Latest video of Gerry Armstrong addressing the conference @ Dublin Offlines.

Gerry was the former personal secretary to L. Ron Hubbard. While in this role he was tasked with assembling materials needed for producing a biography for Hubbard. Reading these documents, and particularly given the large discrepancy between what these documents showed and what Hubbard had claimed regarding his life, allowed Gerry to, in his own words, “deprogram himself”

Organising a conference? A couple of tips on how to neutralise Scientology

Generally when people want to organise a conference to discuss their experiences with a cult group they try to organise a secret meeting and hope the group does not find out. But Scientology is not your usual Church they have a covert ‘preying’ department called OSA. The Church that ‘Preys together stays together.’  They will send a dirty tricks team to try to neutralise an event. A few years ago I was invited to a Conference in London, and just before it started it was moved at the last minute.


Special picture. This features Lady Margaret McNair and the Dublin mission Ethics Officer, Zabrina Collins  nee Shortt. She is is the daughter of Frank Shortt who was the victim of a miscarriage of justice and who was financially compensated by the Irish state.   Lady Margaret McNair and the Dublin mission Ethics Officer, Zabrina Collins leaving after they tried on Thursday to talk the venue out of hosting the conference:

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Better luck next time Margaret,but please go easy on Parker!


Will TC bring down the house?

The Church of Scientology has awarded just 80 people their coveted Freedom Medal, which recognizes “exemplary courage and determination…for bringinggreater freedom to mankind.” But only one person in the Church’s 60-year existence has ever won their Freedom Medal of Valor award: Tom Cruise, the Church’s Golden Boy, who was recruited in the eighties and groomed to be Scientology’s best advertisement. And so it proves ironic that the religion, which has historically been so adept at squashing bad press through lawsuits and intimidation, now finds itself under an onslaught of negative scrutiny — and it’s largely thanks to Cruise. Once the Church’s most treasured member, he may now prove to be its greatest liability.

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LAPD Death Investigation Of Son Of Scientology President

Detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department are going to be obtaining search warrants in the ongoing investigation into the mysterious death of Alexander Jentzsch, the son of the President of the controversial religion, is exclusively reporting.