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Neil’s guest in studio, Pete Griffiths was a scientologist for twenty years & ran a scientology mission in England before he had what he describes as a ‘penny dropping moment’.

Pete will be speaking at an event called ‘Dublin offlines: Speaking out against the Scientology cult’ along with Jamie de Wolf, grandson of L Ron Hubbard. Admission is free on June 30th at 10.00am at the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin 1.

Listen to the interview here:

‘I got people into Scientology, I had to do something to make amends’

Source: The Journal.ie

IT WAS MANY years ago that I got involved with the Church of Scientology. There was no clear cut way of how I got involved with them, but just as you have to break away from Scientology in degrees, you get involved in degrees also.

It was back in 1987 that my brother bought a book called Dianetics. But it is never as simple as buying a book from them. If you buy a book you don’t just get a receipt – you have to fill out an invoice with your name, address and phone number and then they will give you a call you a few days later to see how you are getting on with it.

Next thing they are inviting you in for a free session – they dangle a carrot in front of you. My brother had been acting differently for a while and then he pulled out this book he had bought. So I took the book away and read it for myself. Then my wife, who has always been into self-improvement, sent off to get her own copy of the book. Continue reading ‘I got people into Scientology, I had to do something to make amends’

“Anti-Scientology campaigners fear harassment” – The Sunday Times (Ireland)

May 13th 2012

FORMER members of the Church of Scientology will hold a conference in Dublin next month to highlight the impact the movement has on followers.

The organiser is Pete Griffiths, a former director of an English Scientology mission, who says he has informed police at Dublin airport Scientologists may stage protests there against speakers arriving for the event. Continue reading “Anti-Scientology campaigners fear harassment” – The Sunday Times (Ireland)