In Ron We Trust – Part 3

How did you become a Scientologist?
My brother and ex- wife introduced me to the subject in 1987.

What has Scientology done for you?
In retrospect, absolutely nothing, however for a time I thought I was becoming more intelligent, confident, competent, even happier, until the delusion wore off after 21 years.

Are you prosperous, intelligent & successful as a result of Scientology?
Absolutely not, financially I am worse off, the intelligence testing they do is the same test over and over so after a while you get to work out the answers.

Are those who say bad things about Scientology lying?
Certainly not. Protesters and so-called detractors have conducted more research into the subject than any Scientologist, if they bothered to do their own research they would reach the same conclusions. Hubbard was indeed a first-rate conman and charlatan, the trap is so clever and devious that people devote their entire lives and finances to it.

Why is there so much criticism of Scientology and, indeed, Scientologists?
Because it is ultimately a criminal racket based on the fraudulent supposings of an insane paranoid sci-fi writer.

Is Scientology a cult?

What did you believe as a Scientologist? What are your beliefs around this world and the next?
When I was a Scientologist I believed that I had lived countless millions of lives prior to this and would continue to do so into the endless future.

Do you have any children? Are they Scientologists?
I have 6 children and none are Scientologists, thank God.

How young can you become a Scientologist?
Children as young as 4 have been inducted into the Cadet Org, this has now been disbanded and elite members of the Sea Organisation are not allowed to get pregnant at all, if they do they have to leave the organisation. They were costing too much money and there were a number of cases of neglect concealed by this so-called church, infant deaths have occurred also where the victims were supervised by other children. I have seen this neglect in Ireland with a little girl standing on a first floor windowsill, window open, nothing between her and the footpath 15 feet below and not an adult in sight.

How does Scientology differ from other religions?
The amount of money that you have to pay to reach their upper levels is between 380,000 and 500,000, that’s pretty different to most religions I know.

Have you ever given money to Scientology?
Yes and I regret every single cent.

Why is Scientology so popular among those in Hollywood, such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise?
I have no idea.

What is the one thing about Scientology you feel that people would be surprised to learn?
People would be stunned if it turned out to be true but we know it isn’t, all stolen from other people and disciplines, and based on lies.

In Ron We Trust – Part 1

Sunday Independent, Life Magazine, July 10th 2011

Scientology gets a bad press, often being portrayed as a money-making cult built on lies that makes virtual prisoners of its members. So Joanna Kiernan asked some of Ireland’s practising Scientologists a few simple questions about their religion, what it has done for them and their lives, and what they think about society’s negative attitudes towards Scientology. We promised to let them answer in their own words. Photography by Agata Stoinska Continue reading In Ron We Trust – Part 1