Mindbenders Conference 2007

From the conference brief:

All of us are being influenced, either consciously or unconsciously and we often popularly say about someone whose behaviour we do not understand that they have been ‘brainwashed’. However, in law it is a concept that is not really recognised. Certainly we find it hard to understand the 9/11, 7/7, 21/7 homicide bombers and the doctor bombers who tried bomb nightclubs in London and Glasgow Airport last June. Our speakers will try to grapple with the issues of influence and when this becomes undue influence. John Butler has 30 years of clinical experience working in the field, Steve Kent is not an academic in an ivory tower, but has looked at the darker aspects of human behaviour found in such groups as the Children of God/ The Family and Scientology. John Duignan escaped the prison of undue influence and will chart his journey to freedom.

Full details and mp3 downloads of the lectures (including one by John Duignan) available from the DI wordpress site here.